AA Ponte Preta 2014 Home Kit

Team AA Ponte Preta
Season 2014
Type Home
Brand In-House
League Brasileiro Série B
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Buffer shirt made by the club after termination with former supplier Pulse. In the new shirt presented, the white color is predominant and the V-neck, the shoulder region and the sleeve edges are black, the black transverse band gains fine white lines that intersect at the bottom, creating a sort of gradient. Instead of the supplier's symbol, the team will stamp the TC10+ logo (Torcedor Camisa10). On the back the numbering will be placed inside a black frame that resembles the club's crest. and on the upper part a stamp will honor the Moisés Lucarelli stadium with the stadium design and the inscription “Majestoso”.

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AA Ponte Preta - 2014

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